Back to School – Go with SmartSchool

Preparing to go back to school after the summer holidays is usually interesting. I said interesting because of last minute shopping. Some had traveled abroad for the summer and had already sorted their shopping out; other had come back, but forgot to buy a few things; still other had been around and had a few things to pick up.

Some parents were not shopping, but dropping off children who were going to the boarding house for the first time, or dropping off those that were starting a new session in an old school. There were goodbyes to be said, last minute packing to be done, tears to be shed and last minute advice to be given.

Every parent loves to give their children gifts. One of the most pleasurable things for us as parents is the excited look or the happiness that spreads on your child’s face when he or she gets a gift, especially if it was something they really wanted.

A few years ago, I took my son along with me one day while shopping for a client and it was almost impossible. He insisted he wanted a Spiderman bag and a Spiderman lunchbox and he made such a fuss. I was so embarrassed. I ended up putting my foot down and explaining to him in firm tones that he wasn’t getting the items just yet. When I was shopping for their school items later, I ended up buying him a bag. I didn’t buy the Spiderman bag because it was too big, but he absolutely loved his bag.

As mothers, those last minute details are usually left to us. We are gifted by God with the ability and capacity to sort these things out. However, in a flurry of activities, we usually leave God out. That happened to me a few years ago. I forgot to pray for their new teachers and their new friends. i had not prayed that they would find their new subjects easy to understand. I hadn’t committed their extracurricular activities to God or asked God’s input. I had taken care of the visible things but had forgotten to take care of the invisible things.

The invisible things control the visible things. I also learnt that praying ahead takes care of things ahead. I paused and committed the invisible things to God, because it’s in taking care of the invisible things, that a successful term is crafted.

Whenever a new term is about to start, I implore you to do the same. Commit teachers, friends, classes, field trips and any other thing you can remember to God and it will shock you the outcomes you will receive.

This, in my opinion, is the best preparation you can make as your children go back to school.

Lesson: Make it a habit to commit your child’s new term into God’s hands. Take care of the invisible things with prayer. The article above was written by Sola Oguche – Agudah.

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