Challenges Facing Enterprise Application Developers

Organisations try their possible best to keep, retain and maintain their developers from the prying eyes of their competitors. They are faced with the challenge of empowering and keeping spicy meals on the table for these developers to stay.

As brilliant and resourceful as these demi-gods called developers are in companies, they are also faced with their own challenge of keeping abreast with the trend of technology, ensuring timelines are met and providing a functional and efficient solution.

What is an enterprise application?

An enterprise application is a phrase used to describe applications (or software) that a business would use to assist the organisation in solving enterprise problems. When the word “enterprise” is combined with “application,” it usually refers to a software platform that is too large and too complex for an individual or small business use.

Though Enterprise application solutions are just one of the numerous application solutions organisations uses. They are basically used for managing operations, human resource management and many other business functions.

It is pertinent to mention that developing any software solutions is not an easy task, enterprise application which is a more robust software requires more technicalities, therefore, developers of enterprise applications are faced with a couple of challenges, some of which will are highlighted as follows:

Rules & Regulations

Developers are restrained when it comes to standards guiding coding and developer’s mode of operations. Note that, not everybody wants to be law abiding when it comes to following principles as it pertains to software development. Developers, like every other human, loves freedom. Freedom to express themselves through their work but if there are standards set, regarding what to code and what not to get involved with or even limits as to how far you can go, then potentials of enterprise application developers, cannot be fully maximised.

Time Constraints

Deadlines and targets can be worrisome and developers of enterprise application solutions are not immune to this. If targets are not met and deadlines are near, pressure mounts up and solutions developed may not be top-notch.


Developers are cautious of what or with whom they share their work or ideas with. Though studies showed that collaborative mode of working could bring out the best results but there are sure risk of dealing with duplicated work, attached to it, which developers are not all that programmed and ready for.

Application Service

Lastly, enterprise solution developers can be uncertain about which integrated development environment (IDE) to harness, in order to carry out the development of their application. The new world has created room for varieties and there are no limits to choices made, in every aspect of life. The I.T world is not exempted, these developers are also at the crossroad of which integrated development environment (IDE) is best to use, to effect a unique application, accessible yet user friend. (Read more on (IDE)s like SQLS, Database, etc……)

Dear reader, all these challenges boils down to a major reason most enterprise solutions are vulnerable to breakdown, quick outdated and even hacking (apparently, hackers are also upgrading).