How to Complement your Office 365 with Cloud Security

The benefits of shifting to the cloud are numerous – no upgrades, no new servers, no maintenance and significant savings in the management of man hours. So it makes sense to look for a security solution that offers the same benefits. Here’s a quick overview of the key features every cloud security solution complementing Office 365 needs:

1. Simple cloud-based management

Office 365 makes management easy – so should your security solution. How many dashboards do you look at today? When choosing a security solution make sure that you can manage everything through a single pane of glass and save yourself significant amounts of time.

2. Integrated security for superior protection

Office 365 provides a full suite of interconnected functionality – so should your security solution. mLook for security solutions that share relevant information in order to make faster, more accurate decisions that provide better security. For example, are your files kept secure when moving from the cloud to your mobile and endpoint devices? Are compromised devices automatically isolated and their privileges revoked (e.g. removing encryption keys and network access)?

Additionally, there’s a critical shortage of IT specialists in the security field. In fact, according to a recent Enterprise Strategy Group report, “…46% of organizations now claim they have a problematic shortage of cyber security skills… up significantly from last year 28%.”

Source: ESG Research Blog, High-Demand Cybersecurity Skill Sets, May, 2016 By choosing an integrated, easy-to-use system you’re bypassing the issue.

3. Business email continuity

As covered earlier, the financial impact of email downtime is significant. You need a solution that will keep your email flowing if Office 365 goes down. Email spooling and an emergency inbox so employees can continue to access their email during an outage are critical features for every security solution. On-top of this look for powerful antivirus, anti-spam and anti-phishing protection.


Introducing Sophos Central


Sophos Central is a cloud-managed platform that brings all of your security needs together into one easy to use package. It delivers advanced protection right across your corporate network – for endpoints, mobile devices, web, email, WiFi, encryption, server and network. And best of all it’s simple to use.

As a cloud-solution, you don’t need upgrades, new servers, or maintenance and you benefit from significant savings in management man hours. Plus it’s delivered by a proven leader in IT security.

Get simple cloud-based management

Sophos Central uses a ‘single pane of glass’ for management, meaning you can access all of your security solutions in one place. For example, while managing your email gateway you’ll get automatic alerts if a mobile device is compromised, there’s no need to check each solution in turn.

Get better protection with synchronized security

Solutions in Sophos Central benefit from synchronized security, which shares contextual information to provide better security. For example, a compromised endpoint device can be automatically isolated from the wider corporate network. The same device will have its encryption keys automatically revoked so that it can’t access encrypted files.


As Sophos platinum partner in Nigeria Sidmach offers security solutions that will keep your email and data safe.