Introducing Full Life-cycle Information Management System

Managing business processes is a difficult challenge for business leaders, because of the way their process information workflows are structure around workforce ability, location, compliance, security and IT systems that are rigid, difficult and costly to change rapidly.

To achieve any success, a business must also adopt a continuous improvement methodology to ensure they maintain quality standards. Which creates further difficulty due to the inflexibility, limitations and protracted timescales of some information workflow stakeholders.

Full Life-cycle Information Management System is

This solution is a best-of-breed disruptive cloud application; empowering business by harvesting information at source, while simultaneously collaborating energised information for more agile analytics & business intelligence.

Driving a simpler decision-making experience through Self Service Business Intelligence and better, faster ways of connecting with partners and suppliers; making your employees more productive through simpler, more adaptable information processes.

The Full Life-cycle Information Management System harvests business information, manages business processes and Information workflows structured around the workforce’s technical ability, location, compliance, security and incumbent IT systems which are rigid and expensive to change.

With this solution, you can easily harvest business-centric information from multiple devices directly at the source. We revolutionise information harvesting at source with any input device – tablet, laptop, smartphone, desktop PC or digital pen.

Our workflow management system provides secure information harvesting in real-time, with simultaneous data collaboration and seamless integration with prehistoric & present-day IT environments.

How it works

The Full Life-cycle Information Management System technology reaches out into your information landscape, harvesting data in REAL-TIME, simplifying and enhancing workflows; seamlessly integrating with IT environments, providing an essential bridge between decision makers, Big Data and The Internet of Things.

Key Features

  • Best Value: A well-defined operating model enabling business to get the most value simultaneously from both its workforce and the IT assets.
  • Empowering: Empowering the whole organisation — not just IT — with access to information, data and assets to fuel better, reporting, analytics, business processes and automation.
  • Accessible and modular: Ensure maximum accessible and composability to fit the rapidly changing needs of the business.
  • Seamless: Global virtual implementation and support, connecting new and existing manual information & data sources, devices and APIs, whether in the cloud or on-premises, home-grown or acquired.
  • Elastic: can grow or shrink depending on the demands of its consumers
  • Scalable: It allows businesses to introduce new stakeholders more easily because it defines how and controls the access, exposer to and how its shares information & data.
  • Secure: It can be organized to reflect the security, compliance and governance constraints in a business of any size.
  • Monitored end to end: Information & data running through the workflow can be tracked end-to-end, monitored and analysed. The impact of a request from one node in the network can be traced back to all the other nodes within the information workflow.
  • Analytical: Business can set dependencies within the information workflow and can perform impact analyses on factors affecting and decision making within the process.
  • Measurable: set built-in KPIs that track process critical milestones, while alerting both decision makers and workforce.
  • Self-service enabled: providing a core set of services to enable business to design and implement information capture, data collaborate processes and activate API. Allowing business to access information in ways that makes sense for them through tools they understand.

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