Reasons Banking Data are Not All Residing in the Cloud

Have you ever wondered how banks get to keep massive amount of money, treasures, document for different individuals without a flinch of mix up? How they get to be all that reliable with keeping and tallying your information with your treasures?…..

Well, gone are the days when people rely on the piggy bank in their granma’s room, people have resolved to using banks. It comes with benefits, so who wouldn’t like life to be a better place. The world is evolving, the population is growing yet the banking sector keeps thriving in spite of the large commodities to handle.

Technology has made life easy. The introduction of the cloud computing system without a doubt is a major milestone transformation in this technology era. Faced with the uproar challenge of costly hardware and software technology, more banks have delved into this ideology and kept lasting smiles on the faces of their customers. The security obtained from the cloud service is top notch.

Matchless to nothing from the past. The advantages of these cloud services range from;

• Improved work efficiency,
• Business continuity,
• Cooked food (i.e reduced costs of software acquisition)
• Business process improvement,
• Used-based billing,
• Sharing compatibilities, etc.

Learn what the cloud is all about in simple terms

The cloud solution is a manmade invention and it is not 100% immune to hacking. Banks are very much aware of this flaw and they wouldn’t take that chance of losing data in any way. Banks have traditionally kept absolute charge and control over their information technology in the past and they would not cease from doing that. They have been in total support of large in-house teams before the emergence of cloud solutions and if they are going to incorporate this solution at all, into their fast-paced business, they are very much aware that it is much safer to use the private cloud than the public cloud.

Apart from the better security gotten from the private cloud. It is much safer than we think.  In the midst, of all these safety, ‘banks are expected to enter the cloud computing arena cautiously with no single cloud services delivery model being a silver bullet for best meeting their demanding business needs’.

The restrictions of the cloud service cannot be overlooked as no one wants to be a loser in a game. These restrictions can be traced to:


Confidence in providers

Uncertainties in cloud service integration with existing infrastructure


Movement of banks from one cloud service provider to another, hacking, unwholly security reliability, etc.

Hacking, unwholly security reliability, etc.

Unwholly security reliability

These and many more are the fears of the banking industries so they have resolved to backing up their information technology and business as a whole with having their own inbuilt privately own data centres.