Smart School is not Just a Cliché – It’s a School Management Solution

Smart School is a term that has been used to describe different scenarios especially those that involve using technology to improve the education system. On some other occasions, some technology devices used for learning has also been referred to as Smart School. However, smart school has already become more like a “cliche” in the education industry.

This is an example of a definition of smart school I stumbled upon

A smart school could easily be defined as a school which incorporates the latest technologies to organise, accommodate and optimise the student learning process. This could involve using the latest ideas of blended learning, the flipped classroom, BYODs (Bring Your Own Devices) and other such practices.

It is important to note that, for any school to be smart they need to adopt the latest technology to improve their administrative processes. There have been lapses in the management of schools day to day activities in Nigeria and this has posed a serious challenge to effective learning system.

Schools need to have systems that help create the conditions where staff and students can work effectively together. People appreciates simple and effective processes.

It is in the light of this that Sidmach Technologies developed a solution called “SmartSchool” that addresses the challenges of school management in Nigeria

SmartSchool is the effective and efficient way to run your school. It simplifies and improves critical administrative tasks from student registration to academic report management.

SmartSchool is a Simple, Reliable & Affordable School Management solution suitable for every school. It is an administrative solution that provides a centralised platform for administrators, teachers, parent and student to share information and collaborate.

SmartSchool is your perfect tool for school management. It ensures that every aspect of your school operation is properly managed and everyone can work smoothly within a safe environment.

What Will Schools Achieve with SmartSchool?

  • Improve services to students, staff and visitors
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve decision-making
  • Build stronger, lifelong relationships within and outside the school community
  • Provides prompt reliable data for management and planning
  • Enhances student, teachers and parents’ collaboration
  • Enhances monitoring of students’ performance in school
  • Automated results processing
  • Ensures better security of students’ information
  • Provides easy and reliable reporting system

What does SmartSchool Offer Parents and Students?

SmartSchool provides the following benefits to parents and students

  • Allows both parents and students to access results and optionally print it
  • Gives access to view continuous assessments
  • Gives access to view scheduled school events
  • Gives access to view bills and payment information related to fees
  • Gives access to view disciplinary record of student
  • Gives access to view student attendance record
  • Allows parents to send messages to school officers
  • Allows for payments to be optionally made online