Why you should use Office 365 Instead of Google Apps

There has been an argument overtime on what office applications to use for effective collaboration at a workplace, some people are of the opinion that Google Apps are more viable while others believe Microsoft offers better productivity and collaboration tools. In this article, we would try as much as possible to be objective with our evaluation.


Google promotes Google Apps for Work as leading-edge, but missing workloads in productivity, limited flexibility, and data at risk undercut that claim. It is necessary that you assess whether it can sustain your growing business needs.

On the other hand, Microsoft Office 365 is the most advanced version of the Microsoft Office suite of business productivity tools, used by more than a billion people worldwide and built on more than two decades of innovation.

With a comprehensive set of productivity solutions across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments control you can count on, and safeguards you can trust, Office 365 can help you reinvent productivity in your organisation, extend collaboration into new areas, and transform how you get work done.

Risk Factor

Google Apps is riskier for enterprise. With Google Apps for Work, some important security capabilities—plus continuing support for management, maintenance, and security—are often available only through third-party services with separate licenses and service-level agreements. It is essential that with Google Apps for Work you validate all policies and terms of service related to data and privacy. Past incidents and ongoing disputes are also good indicators to assess potential privacy risk.

Microsoft Office 365 offers privacy, security, and compliance safeguards you can trust. Microsoft is transparent on where your data is stored and who has access to it, and your data isn’t used to deliver advertising.

Office 365 offers built-in security and privacy features, meets all key industry standards, and supports FERPA, HIPAA, EU, and other compliance requirements. Flexible security settings enable you to adjust controls to fit your needs.


Google offers consumer-oriented productivity and takes a one-size-fits-all approach with only a few SKUs, regardless of the size and core needs of enterprise organisations. Google Apps for Work is only delivered as online services, so you have to move to the cloud all at once—ready or not—with virtually no flexibility to choose the specific services you need.

Microsoft Office 365 offers you the flexibility to build the productivity platform that’s right for your business. Move to the cloud at your own pace, with minimal disruption to your current environment. Use Office 365 to deliver the enterprise-proven reliability, transparency, and control that your IT team needs to cut costs and streamline infrastructure management so it can focus on supporting your business.

Comprehensive Solution

Google Apps does not include enterprise workloads such as enterprise content management and Cloud PBX, leaving customers to settle for third-party services and integration headaches. Microsoft Office 365 offers a comprehensive and highly secure productivity service, designed to meet a wider range of your current enterprise productivity needs, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, project intranets, business intelligence, enterprise content management, messaging, universal communications, and more.