How to Co-Edit a Word Document

When you have a document that you’re working on with your teammates, co-editing in Word Online comes in handy. Watch the video to see how this works in the browser on a computer, and scroll down to see how to perform this task across a variety of devices.

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My team is working on several marketing documents this week.

Because our documents are saved to OneDrive for Business, we can all access and edit them at the same time. For example, we need to update our product launch brief document.

I’m using a device that doesn’t have Word installed on it. But with Word Online, that’s not a problem. I can edit the document in a browser.

And here it is, ready for editing.

It looks like Garth, one of my teammates, has just started working.

And now Molly is working on it.

With three of us working on the document together, we’ll be able to get the updates in quickly.

I can see where Garth and Molly are in the document and what they’re editing.

Garth and Molly might be using Word or Word Online, on a computer or a mobile device.

Regardless, we can all work together just like this, and all of our changes are saved automatically.


Try it:

To co-edit a Word document using Word Online

  1. Using the web browser on your device, go to and sign in to Office 365 for business using your work account. You need office 365 get it here
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If the file you want to edit is yours, from either your home screen or the app launcher, choose OneDrive, and then select a Word document to open it in your browser window.
    • If someone shared a document with you and you want to edit that file, choose OneDrive, and then choose Shared with me. Then select document to open it in your browser window.(Our example is called Example document.docx.)
  3. On the Edit Document menu, choose Edit in Word Online.
  4. To see real-time co-authoring, ask one or more teammates to open the same document for editing on their devices. If your teammates are using Word 2016 or Word Online, you’ll see their changes in real time.