How to Share Spreadsheet in OneDrive for Business with Teammates

Let’s assume you want to share a spreadsheet with your teammates so you can all work on it together. With OneDrive for Business, you can. Watch the video to see how this works in the browser on a computer.

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I’ve been working on a marketing budget spreadsheet, and now I need my teammates to help me finish it up.

My file is saved to the cloud, so I’m going to ask my teammates to edit it right where it is.

I’ll begin by signing into Office 365 at

From my home screen, I’ll choose OneDrive. Here I can see a list of my files.

I’ll select the marketing budget file I’ve been working on.

Then I’ll click Share, and invite some of my teammates to help me finish up the file.

Each teammate has information we need, and there really isn’t enough time for us to email the file and questions back and forth.

If we all work on the same file in the cloud, we’ll all see the latest changes, and save ourselves a lot of time.

My teammates get an email message with a link to the file. When they click the link, the spreadsheet opens in their browser.

To start editing, we go to the Edit Workbook menu and choose Edit in Excel Online.

By using Excel Online to edit the file, all of us can make changes at the same time, which will speed up the process of getting this budget wrapped up.


The following procedure describes how to perform this task using OneDrive for Business in a web browser on a computer.

To share a spreadsheet using OneDrive for Business in the browser on your device

  1. Using the web browser on your device, go to and sign in using your work or school account.
  2. From the home screen or using the app launcher, choose OneDrive.
  3. Select the file you want to share, and then choose Share in the ribbon.
  4. Type the email addresses of the people with whom you want to share the file, and then choose Share.