Signs That Your Business has Outgrown its Free Email Solution

Do you know having a professional email address is crucial to the branding of your business? Branded email litrarily signifies the customization of email for a business. Instead of using a free email solution like Yahoo or Gmail, a branded email looks like this:

Branded email not only simplifies and secures your data management, but it gives you control over brand consistency. So how do you know if your company needs to start using a branded email rather than the free?

It’s not a bad idea to start with a free email solution when you are just starting out. But how do you know when you have grown beyond the capabilities of your free email service and you need a branded email? The email requirements of a growing business are really much different from those of a small startup. Whether you’re using or another provider, there are signs that indicate your business has outgrown free email.

The following lists are indications that your business needs to adopt a professionally branded email solution.

Security Breach: Have you ever experienced any security breach with your free email solution and it costs you so much? or you have sensitive data in your mailbox and you are already worried about it happening, then you need a more sophisticated email solution that offers increased, enterprise-class security capabilities.


Storage: If you already reached your maximum storage due to messages in your mailbox this is  a very simple reason to upgrade from a free solution. Storage space should never cause you to delete or change how you use your email, especially when paid solutions offer large stores of data.


Data Management: If you’ve ever felt the need to own and manage your email data, it’s time to move to a paid solution. Often, when you agree to free email terms, you’re granting the email provider permission to mine your data and send you ads—which is how their companies remain profitable while offering free services. Not only can this distract from your work, it also puts your company’s data at risk.


Customized Emails with Custom Domains: Using a custom domain for your business email is a vital way to ensure your business appears professional. For example, “” has a lot more credibility than “” While free custom email addresses are available, they often leave you open to security threats, because the company you host through will likely have access to your data and other information.


Tools: Free email tools don’t typically provide robust inbox- and user-management tools. Paid email solutions offer a range of features for managing users as well as extensive rules for managing your inbox—enabling you to spend less time managing your inbox and more time managing your business.


With Microsoft Office 365 you can get a branded email for your business. Your emails are more distinctive when you create a custom format and more impactful when you include images. Both are possible with Office 365, which allows you to send messages up to 150 MB. Plus, with 50 GB of storage per user, you can hold on to the messages and files you need.