Igbobi College Students pay excursion visit to Sidmach Technologies

Senior Students of Igbobi College, Yaba were treated to a memorable tech feast as they paid an academic excursion visit to one of Nigeria’s leading ICT Companies, Sidmach Technologies on Thursday, October 18, 2018.

The students were warmly welcomed by Oluwatosin Akinbode, from the Corporate Services Unit of Sidmach, who introduced them to the company officially. The Digital and Brand Manager, Oluwatobi Adekunle also ensured the students settle into the excursion by interacting with them on ICT terms and showing them the various offerings of Sidmach Technologies.

excursion visit to Sidmach Technologies

Next on the agenda was a deep dive into Systems Software Development and ICT infrastructure; educating the curious students about different computer hardware and software components, and teaching them how to operate these components. Networking and Internet of Things also formed part of what the students learnt in the session.

Igbobi college excursion visit to Sidmach Technologies

The students were then taken on a tour around Sidmach Office to see the various departments and have a further understanding of how they function. They met with staff members in the different units and displayed their wits by asking copious questions concerning ICT. The excursion rounded off with a photo session with some staff of Sidmach Technologies.

Igbobi college excursion visit to Sidmach Technologies

One of the students, Olamide Falola gave a speech at the end of the excursion, thanking Sidmach Technologies for sharing time and knowledge, as well as hospitality during the visit. The students generally showed renewed verve towards ICT at the end of the excursion. They also expressed a desire to study deeper in their respective homes.

Sidmach Technologies continues to operate an open door policy towards educating young minds about ICT, equipping them with current knowledge, and preparing them for future opportunities in technology.

Watch a short clip of the Igbobi College Students’ academic excursion visit to Sidmach Technologies below.