Considering how much thoughts and processes go into building a business, it is almost understandable why almost 50% of these startups, never exceed the first 2-3 years of business before collapse.  A worrying statistic it is, when you add the fact that a further 12% do not make as much progress as intended in the first 3 years of business. In this article, we outline 3 top problems that small enterprises and small businesses often overlook while building their brands.

  1. Inconsistent Branding:

Brand Inconsistency is a very big issue for small business owners who often manage their brands themselves because of limited budgets. If you receive an email or other marketing material from a brand with visual style that is completely at odds with usual branding efforts, it could cause significant confusion and distrust. The fact is, inconsistent branding makes it much more difficult for your customers to verify how authentic your business company is. There are several factors that go into making a consistent brand, including the colors, fonts and overall styling. Is there any type of visual consistency present?  If not, then your business will most likely suffer from these branding inconsistencies. You would lose client trust, be forgotten and your business will be associated with low quality all due to your poor branding. So be sure to optimize for this.

PRO TIP: Hire a brand Manager or outsource your branding to professionals if you do not have enough expertize on that subject matter. It is one area of your business you should afford to invest in.


  1. Hiring The Wrong People:

“Hiring the wrong people is the costliest business decision you can make” according to Brian Tracy, a world business coaching expert. An Australian survey found out that hiring the wrong person can cost your business up to 250% of that staff’s salary annually. A bad hire affects your company morale, client response and lowers general productivity.

PRO TIP: Set administrative and fully responsive processes to recruit and absorb new staff. You might want to get a HR professional if your budget allows for one.


  1. Using Unbranded Emails:

Using an unbranded email address might seem easy at first, but could have severe negative effects on your business as a whole. Having your own branded email address could make the difference between customers contacting your business or avoiding you. A branded email address gives your customers confidence in your brand and builds their trust in you and your business. Not having branded emails negatively impacts the professional image that your company is trying to convey and might make prospective customers worry about buying from or dealing with you. They might even go elsewhere. A branded email address can also make you more memorable. If prospective customers remember your business name they will probably recall your domain too, making you easier to contact. So why do businesses keep using unbranded email domains? The answer is cost and set-up concerns. The cost is actually minimal and can be paid for on a monthly basis. The cost of lost business could be much more. And set-up does not have to be stressful. A company like Sidmach can do that for you. Once it is done, it is done. Also, we offer further support on an ongoing basis. As email is the most important form of business communication, so it should be given top priority. Start your next business opportunity with a branded email domain and enjoy renewed confidence in your professional identity.



PRO TIP: Get a branded email which will have your brand name on it and makes it much more acceptable amongst your current and prospective clients. You can get it HERE from #700.