The impact of the Interactive  Panel on Education cannot be overemphasized. It has been the ultimate goal of teachers and all major players in the Edusector to implement new systems that will guarantee better methods of learning and improve student performance across all levels of education. The Sidmach Interactive Panel is proving to be one of the most necessary ways to re-invent learning in our schools and a whole lot of facts and even available data backs this up.

Kennewell & Morgan in a study, have documented that both teachers and students like the whiteboard technology, and according to Hardman & Higgins, students are more engaged and motivated to learn when whiteboards are employed. This means that apart from the huge likability of this interactive board, the Sidmach board also drives engagement in teacher-student interactions. It fosters the learning process and provides a suitably paced environment for maximum assimilation with minimum efforts.

Also, several research studies have noted that the use of whiteboards shifts instruction from presentation to interaction, and moves student focus away from teachers and onto content, making interactive whiteboard lessons more student-centered than traditional ones. Over time, presentations have been dry and drab. The use of Sidmach’s Interactive  Board injects the much- needed life and belief into presentations and makes them very interactive. Imagine, in a class of 100 students, each student feels like it is a one-on-one with the teacher – that is the power of the Interactive board.

Additionally, at the classroom level, there is some evidence that the use of interactive whiteboards can increase student achievement (Dhindsa & Emran, 2006). It is definitely the end point of education to increase and also improve students both academically and in real-time. The Interactive board contributes wholly to this output by:

  1. Increasing student attention and retention span via colored multimedia approach.
  2. Making learning more exciting via tutor-student interactions.
  3. Removing the dullness of one-way lectures.
  4. Driving maximum engagement via refocusing.

To find out more about how you can get this board, kindly send a mail to or visit: to have  glance. You are also welcome to our Corporate Headquarters to make a physical enquiry: Plot 15, Otunba Jobi Fele Way, CBD, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.