Staff of one of Nigeria’s leading ICT Companies, Sidmach Technologies feature in ICTELEXPO 2019, on Tuesday, July 16, 2019.

Sidmach Technology Ltd., being one of the leading ICT names in the Technology Industry in Nigeria was present for the 2019 ICTEL Expo which held at LandMark Event Center, VI, Lagos, Nigeria.

The event featured many innovative displays and presentation. The highlight of the whole event for Sidmach was in two phases –

  1. An informative speech which was given by Sidmach’s Head of Sales, Mr. Charles Billy-Frank, on “The Impact of New Technologies on the Quality and delivery of Education”.
  2. The panel session where a host of panelists were invited to deliberate on some relevant key issues which are key in the technology space. Sidmach’s Head of Sales Mr. Charles Billy-Frank and Brand Manager, Mr. Oluwatobi Adekunle were part of the panel session.

It was a very informative event and it lasted for 2 days. Sidmach Technologies leveraged on the event to showcase some new innovative solutions which you can find HERE.