The Impact of New Technologies on the Quality and delivery of Education cannot be overemphasized. Technology has played a very vital part in global development. Numerous breakthroughs in virtually every sector of human endeavor has been advanced in one way or the other by technology.

In the past 7 million years, significant progress has been made by the human race, from cave dwelling to uber-developed cities of today, and even futuristic ideas for coming generations. All of this is testament to how education has played an important role in the constant shaping of our world. 50 years ago, almost one quarter of youth lacked basic literacy skills compared to less than 10% in 2016. According to (UNESCO), “the global adult literacy rate was 86% in 2016, while the youth literacy rate was 91%.”

Despite the increase in global literacy, it is important to note that Nigeria still has 13.2 million out-of-school children—the world’s highest number. Nonetheless, Nigeria is also reported by UNICEF to have over 66.8% youth literacy rate. This figure is expected to rise as education begins to improve with the adoption of technology.

Like Siamese Twins, technology and research are joined at the hip. The technological advancements that have taken place today are products of extensive research, and as we seek to break new grounds in education and other human endeavors, research is key.

Recently, education has begun to take a more incisive approach with the introduction of long-distance learning (LDL) and online education – which is changing how we see, understand and apply education in the past few years. Also, Virtual Reality Learning (VR-L), Digital Libraries, School management software and mobile apps are some of the new ways technology has further improved education.


For 25 years, Sidmach Technologies has been working assiduously to transform the education landscape in Nigeria through innovative ICT solutions. We have been creating interactive solution that has helped boost the educational sector of the country among which are:

  • E-Buddy (Examination Solution)
  • Luminate (Largest Learning Platform in Africa)

Our contributions at SIDMACH in education are breaking classroom barriers and enabling new ways to learn whilst also making learning active and student-centric.