Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new Microsoft’s Business Management Software(BMS). It is the first to to carry its vision of bringing Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other related business applications together in one digital suite.

This approach is the result of years of  over 20 years of innovation and development on Microsoft’s part.

In 2003, the division released its first homegrown software, a CRM program known simply as CRM 1.0.

After briefly considering using these acquisitions as a basis to develop their own, entirely new ERP product, Microsoft eventually decided to develop the products instead. Having equipped them with a similar role-based user interface, SQL-based reporting and analysis, a SharePoint-based portal, Pocket PC-based mobile clients, and integration with Microsoft Office, Microsoft rebranded the four ERP platforms, along with their own CRM product, under the Microsoft Dynamics umbrella. Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics SL, and Dynamics CRM 3.0 were rolled out in 2005.

In 2016, Microsoft released the next phase of its business software products. Rolling together the functionality of all existing Dynamics products into one umbrella solution,  Dynamics 365 was launched to offer both CRM and ERP capabilities in one streamlined product.

Dynamics 365 breaks its functionality down into apps which can be used individually, or in connection with others in the Dynamics 365 suite.

There are currently eight primary Dynamics 365 apps, with several more scheduled for release in the near future.

Each app ringfences an area of CRM or ERP functionality, and can be used in conjunction with a wider package of apps, or on its own.

With digital transformation currently top of Microsoft’s mission statement, the reshuffle also aims to help organizations take advantage of business management tools no matter their circumstances, enabling them to start small and build their solution as and when required.

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