The Sidmach SmartSchool is an integrated web-based school management solution for schools that can be used by parents/guardians, teachers and students which has immense benefits for all users.

SmartSchool is reputably the perfect tool for school management. It ensures that every aspect of your school operation is properly managed and everyone can work smoothly within a safe environment. Below are 5 new benefits of SmartSchool management using this Technology.

1.   School Information Management:

With Sidmach’s SmartSchool, one can effortlessly manage central school information from anywhere without having to manually do the daunting task of entering data into paper ledgers and books as everything goes online with just a click.

2.   Student Registration & Admission Management:

With Sidmach’s SmartSchool, student registration is made easy. All registration procedure is done online and the datasheet can be printed easily which removes the likelihood of loss of information or essential files.

3.   Student Attendance Management:

With Sidmach’s SmartSchool, the attendance of every student can be automatically registered daily and with the exact time noted. This makes the school regulations more effective as it ensures student compliance with effective time management.

4.   Staff Information Management:

With Sidmach’s SmartSchool, staff records and information are adequately stored and managed internally using an encrypted interface that both saves and protects sensitive data.

5.   Automated Results Processing System:

With Sidmach’s SmartSchool, result processing lag is now a thing of the past as the SmartSchool can decrease the current result marktime greatly and publish in different formats – making life easier for teachers, parents and students alike.

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