3 REASONS WHY CLASSROOMS NEED MORE TECHNOLOGY – Classrooms have been a requisite in our school management cycle. The day-to-day journey of a student is largely represented by the time they spend in a classroom being taught.

From times when people gathered under oak trees to listen to foreigners who taught them simple arithmetic, grammar and religion to modern days in walled schools where students are taught sophisticated subjects like Aerodynamics and Cognitive Synchrony, it has become increasingly important to make sure young students do not get fazed by the process.

Recently, classrooms are beginning to feel drab and uneventful for young students and they most times anticipate video-game time much more than they anticipate classroom time. Why is this? A quick inquisition will show that our classrooms, especially those in Nigeria are not moving in tandem with the times. Education for young people should be able to engage them and hold their focus for very long periods – a feat yet unachieved largely but which with modern technology can still be achieved.

Using technology, other spheres of human endeavors have been able to develop increasingly and engage their audiences more directly and as such, education must tow the path of technology if it is to accelerate in its bid to engage and lead student interaction.


  1. Improve student-teacher interaction.
  2. Stimulate the learning and retention spans of the student.
  3. Track child development and structurally bring in parents to monitor and contribute to the learning cycle.

These validations have led Nigeria’s leading Edutech solutions provider – Sidmach Technologies to create Sidmach Smartschool, an Educational masterpiece, which is a full cycle school management solution that combines the latest in school management technology with breakthrough technological advancements in curricular developments for all schools, parents, teachers and of course students. Sidmach Smartschool will make Classrooms better in the long haul.

This solution comes as a 3-in-1 technology bundle that combines the following:

  1. Smartschool: An interactive school management solution that deploys intelligence in automating administrative processes for schools.
  2. E-Curriculum: A digitized curricular module of world standards that has the complete Nigerian curriculum at your fingertips even in the remotest of locations.
  3. Interactive Smartscreen: A digital screen that optimizes communication and collaboration for impactful learning in classrooms.

You can find more information on all of these on our Sidmach Smartschool website: www.smartschool.ng

To visit Sidmach Technologies: www.sidmach.com