Education and The Need for Parental Involvement Through Technology – The importance of parental involvement in schools and its relationship to student achievement have been widely studied. It has been found and even reported by teachers that lack of parental involvement continues to be an obstacle to increasing student achievement in school.

Parents who monitor their ward’s school work and daily activities, communicate frequently with teachers and help develop their children’s plans for education have children who are more likely to graduate and pursue post-secondary education (Henderson & Berla, 1994).

Students who have parents who are actively involved in their education have higher grades and test scores, enroll in higher-level programs, graduate from secondary school, and go on to post-secondary education (Henderson & Mapp, 2002).

Also, home-based, rather than school based, involvement in supporting learning has the greatest impact on student learning. Parental involvement can be either reactive or proactive. Reactive involvement in schooling includes activities such as attending meetings, family activities, or volunteering. Proactive involvement in children’s learning includes activities such as helping with homework, staying informed about school events, and following a child’s progress.

How do parents make this happen?

Technology, over the years has offered a way for parents to have insight into the affairs of their children even while these children are in school learning. In the last few years, it has been possible through school web portals for parents to take the initiative and actually see an overboard of the different learning materials used by their children in school and even give teacher appraisals. The drawbacks of this strategy have been:

  1. Parents and teacher disconnect due to a lack of clarity on their various educational roles.
  2. Also, it has been quite difficult for parents to squeeze out time to read varying long-paged reports on their wards online to get a grasp of the day-to-day affairs.
  3. Third, a lack of interactiveness on the school reports make for a boring read and parents are not able to completely understand the reports.

This necessitated Sidmach Technologies, a leading Edutech solutions company in Africa to build an encompassing solution that tries to further bring parents into the learning cycle of their children amongst other things.

The solution called – Sidmach’s SmartSchool is an innovative school management solution that drives school administration and full student engagement through various modules on offer. It offers a robust administrational interface as well as a complete 360-degree transparency for parents to know what their children are doing in school per time – giving parents the option of tracking their kids progress even from the comfort of their homes or work places.

Sidmach’s SmartSchool is the complete tool that gives school management the new, much-needed incisiveness and at the same time, gives parents amazing insights as well as helping them play important roles in the education of their children. The end goal, of course, is to equip the children with the right support for education and self-growth.

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