Education is widely accepted to be a fundamental resource, both for individuals and societies. Over the years, there has been different tools which have directly and indirectly impacted on education and tremendously improved education.

However, there are some very important tools which has and will continue to improve the conceptualization and delivery of education across the world and below are two of these educational tools.


Communications and Educational Assessment

In traditional educational setting, communication is a one-channel system. Teachers pass information in bulk to students across the school year and at the end, an examination is conducted to test the comprehension and retention of the students.

However, using technology, it is now possible to run an Integrated educational system that enables multi-channel communication modules like Audiobooks, Virtual Reality Learning (VR-L) and even Augmented Reality (AR). Educational assessment has to a very large extent been digitized in many parts of the world. However, in some developing countries, more efforts need to be put into the quality, creativity and implementation of these student assessment.


Interactive Educational Suites

Education has usually been not just a one-channel system but also has had very limited variations in terms of content distribution and classroom interaction. The teacher has very limited means to be able to pass messages to the student; with the most common means being the blackboard or whiteboard and the usual pen and paper.

However, with the invent of technology in the eduspace, it is now possible using very innovative technology to diversify the content, and the delivery style to better suit individual students. Some students learn better via written texts, others by explainer videos and yet some others via an admixture of both.

In many schools across the world, computers and hand held devices are already infused in the learning process to increase productivity of teachers and optimize learning experience for students. Studies have shown that students are more interested in learning, and creativity is constantly explored with the use of technology. One of the most exciting of such technologies in Nigeria is called Sidmach SmartSchool. This SmartSchool is an Educational masterpiece, and is a full cycle school management solution that combines the latest in school management technology with breakthrough technological advancements in curricular developments for all schools, parents, teachers and of course students.

This solution comes as a 3-in-1 technology bundle that combines the following:

  1. Smartschool: An interactive school management solution that deploys intelligence in automating administrative processes for schools.
  2. E-Curriculum: A digitized curricular module of world standards that has the complete Nigerian curriculum at your fingertips even in the remotest of locations.
  3. Interactive Smartscreen: A digital screen that optimizes communication and collaboration for impactful learning in classrooms.

You can find more information on all of these on our Smartschool website:

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