Online Accounting and Invoicing Tools in Nigeria for SMEs.

It takes about 5 minutes to write an invoice and record the sale in your accounting book properly under the appropriate page and date section. It takes less than 5 minutes to do this with an online accounting and invoicing solution.

Interestingly, using an accounting and invoicing solution will also help your business do a whole lot more in terms of record keeping and even inventory management.

Normally, with a manual entry, it will take more time to input other variables like total unit costs, unit variable cost and even to monitor your best performing product. Using an online solution on the other hand, will not just allow you input all these data and more, but will help you calculate and even draw inferential and analytic statistical information to help you better channel our business while guaranteeing that your business data is always safe and retrievable. Awesome!

Currently, there are different accounting and invoicing packages everywhere but it is fairly difficult to find a package that covers accounting, invoicing, inventory management and even payroll automation all in one.

Introducing Sidmach’s Bizkit, the smart tool to grow your business.

BizKit is the smart tool that helps SMEs manage their business anywhere and anytime!

The solution combines four critical business aspects ranging from Accounting to Inventory Management, Invoicing and Payroll Management! All in one platform.

It is easy to use, intelligent and offers complete security for business data.

Bizkit puts you in complete control, making business as simple and easy as ABC. Get on board today, visit to know more and sign up to get smart with your business.

BizKit – The smart tool to grow your business. – transforming lives with innovative technology.