Running a small business in Nigeria can be a daunting task, especially when you are not backed by an investor or a big budget. Given all that is required to grow a business, MSMEs in Nigeria have a peculiar struggle keeping up with all that’s required to scale. Little wonder 80% of MSMEs fail within 5 years of business.

MSMEs generally face 3 critical problems which affects the management and sustenance of their business in the long term. These problems stem from the need to master different business processes, from accounting to inventory and payroll management.

First is the problem of expensive automation. Many small businesses are in dire need of solutions that can automate some or most of their business processes but the cost of these solutions are over-the-roof for them. They often resort to manual models which slows down their work and is prone to errors. This then impacts on their productivity and business growth.

Next is the problem of availability and competition. The available process automation tools are usually expensive and beyond the reach of MSMEs. A lot of them are targeted at enterprises and are too sophisticated for the simple needs of MSMEs.

A few tools are however available to MSMEs but they happen to only solve one problem, whilst also having a lot of limitations in terms of use. A few MSME owners usually painstakingly subscribe to multiple tools to manage the different aspects of their business, while many others settle for just one or two and they leave the rest to manual handling. This often leads to an imbalance, distortion and complexity.

Due to the increase reliance of SME Owners on digital technology to automate business processes, it has become an important need for MSMEs to have access to a digital tool that helps them manage critical aspects of their business from one platform.

This is what Sidmach Technologies has concerned itself with and is now officially introducing a digital business management solution called Bizkit.

Bizkit helps MSMEs simply, support and automate four critical processes, giving them a wholesome tool to manage their business effectively and grow. The solution is simple, interactive and affordable for different SME levels.

Accounting, Inventory, Payroll and Invoicing are the component processes Bizkit helps MSMEs handle. Now, MSME owners no longer have to worry about the cost, skill or expertise required to handle an ERP solution that is normally targeted at enterprise companies. Bizkit offers the same value at a positive price.

This empowers the MSMEs to take charge of their businesses with the power of technology; giving them the necessary resource to track their processes effectively and grow.

The platform, which is one of the first indigenous IT solutions from Nigeria in 2019 has been critically acclaimed since its introduction into the market. Some SME managers have called it a “lifesaver”, others think of it as a “much needed business tool for growth”. Bizkit has brought a breath of fresh air into SME business processes in and around Nigeria.

When asked about its pricing, one customer in Delta State, Smart Akpovona described Bizkit as “a solution that saves me hundreds of thousands per year in accounting alone, saves my time, is also easy to use and helps me understand my business. The price of #1,900/month with the first month free is much less than what I would expect with (that kind of) technology. It is indeed, a tool for smart SMEs.”

Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited is a leading technology company, with a track record of developing and deploying software solutions and services at scale to solve high-impact problems. The company’s solutions and services have directly impacted up to a hundred million lives in over twenty-five years of existence.

Bizkit is available for immediate sign up at .