Often-time, in the course of running your business, you must have made one or two basic errors for which you were set aback maybe slightly or if you are not so lucky, you might be set aback by a huge sum. The loss might not be primarily financial; you might lose time, energy or efficiency in the process of finding or correcting those basic errors you made. So this begs the question “How can you eliminate or reduce to the barest minimum, the problem of basic errors in business?”

One very much talked-about solution which you should be interested in is the Sidmach Bizkit. BizKit is the cutting-edge business solution from Sidmach Technologies which is specifically designed for micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs to automate and simplify critical business processes that would normally require heavy infrastructural investment, thereby enabling them get more value for minimal investment.

BIZKIT is a solution developed to support, simplify and automate critical business processes for small and medium enterprise owners and managers; helping them manage their growing business, improve regulatory compliance and general operational efficiency from a single platform.


The solution offers four major modules which are critical to every SME business. These features were carefully designed to ensure that the critical needs of a business owner are met, and can be controlled from the comfort of a single click. The features are;

  1. Accounting Module: This caters to every accounting need of the entrepreneur, helping them track their finance and keep records easily in a safe environment. The module constitutes columns such as Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Balance Sheet, and Reports.
  2. Payroll Management: One of the biggest worries of an entrepreneur is how to manage the payroll and pay staff without stress. The solution caters to this efficiently, helping entrepreneurs process payroll and execute multiple payment in just one click, whilst automating necessary deductions such as taxes and pensions where and when necessary.
  3. Inventory Management: Business owners will no longer worry about accurate record keeping and management of inventory as this solution makes it easy to keep track. With functions such as Stock List, Restock Levels, and Requisition Management, the problem of inventory is effectively taken care of.
  4. Invoicing: Generating and issuing invoices is at the core of business profitability. Our e-Invoice module seamlessly simplifies the process of invoice generation, dispatch and follow-up to aid the entrepreneur and/or business manager in the support of their business operations management.

How does the solution benefit SMEs?

BizKit provides answers to majority of the silent worries of small business owners, and we believe that users of this solution will enjoy the following benefits;

  • Efficiency in operations.
  • Clean books (records) for entrepreneurs.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Efficiency in management of staff.

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