Nigerian Software Companies Should Leverage Existing Foreign Solutions rather than Compete – Sidmach Executive Director

The Executive Director, Sidmach Technologies, Mr. Micheal Olajide has advised Nigerian software companies to complement existing foreign software solutions by leveraging on their offerings in building well-accepted and problem solving software solutions.

He urged the local companies to build on their existence rather than competing with them for a vibrant ecosystem.

In an exclusive interview with Business Remarks, Olajide said organizations that will win, will not necessarily focus on things that are already existing.

“Focusing our efforts on developing an application that will rival Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp or Zoom is not an intelligent move.”

Speaking on this, the Sidmach Boss explained that Microsoft Teams came to be after several initiatives and reforms. According to him, Microsoft spent billions of dollars in terms of research and building teams.

“You know, it started from Lync, and then they brought Skype, then later added Lync and Skype together, they got Skype for Business. And now there is Microsoft Teams because they added a lot of things.

“So for any software company in Nigeria wanting to develop his own; you cannot be working on what’s already done.

He further stated that “the best way around it, is to leverage on what has been created to create a new solution that will locally address the country challenges.

“This is my advice to any software solution company. Never say, I want to rival WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. These are things already made. You have to do something new.” Olajide told Business Remarks.

He explained that innovations do not necessarily mean it is brand new; Innovations means you are improving on things.

Olajide however disclosed that as part of an effort to curb COVID-19 impact, Sidmach has developed an e-learning solution to make learning more accessible, anywhere and anytime.

Luminate is cut out to address this challenge. Learning will take a new face. Sidmach is addressing this locally and I know some companies are also making moves to address the health issues for the Post COVID period.

“We need to encourage all of those folks that are coming up to do research and create things so that we can also export software like India is doing,”Olajide advised.