Top 3 Tech Trends In 2020

Top 3 Tech Trends In 2020:

In a world where technology is virtually taking over, it is imperative that one is knowledgeable about the ever dynamic technological advancements and trends that are taking place.
The world of technology is evolving at a rapid speed, and with each year that passes, various technological trends are coming up, and people are gradually becoming more aware of these tech trends as everyone is becoming tech-savvy and learning to keep up with these technological trends.
It is, therefore, becoming necessary for people to keep up with the current technological trends. Top 3 tech trends that are becoming quite popular in 2020 include the following:

Blockchain: People often associate this with cryptocurrencies, but it isn’t just that. Blockchain is a technological trend that is gradually growing at a fast rate, especially among Blockchain developers. Blockchain offers a form of security for cryptocurrency transactions and allows chains of data which you have total control over.
Blockchain-related jobs are also growing quite fast, and many people are becoming aware of the Blockchain technology and how it works.

Machine Learning: This is also a top tech trend that is gaining ground in 2020 and is a technology that enables computers learn things that they are originally not programmed to, and the machine/computer achieves this through data insights and discovering patterns.
Machine learning has become one of the top trends that are being recognized as industries are now employing this technology for pattern recognition, detection of network intrusion, real-time ads, and data analytics, among others.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Although this technological trend has been around for a while, it is still gaining prominence even in 2020 as new dimensions to AI are being introduced. This allows machines/gadgets emulate human intelligence that improves efficiency of smart devices through image, pattern and speech recognition, among other tasks.

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