Hardware & Business Continuity Engineers

Responsible for the evaluation, selection, implementation, integration, maintenance, upgrade, documentation, troubleshooting, and instruction of all remote access systems and services, configuration and administration of associated hardware and software, applying appropriate security measures, creating and removing the proper remote users’ accounts and groups, and publishing applications.


    • Maintain and monitor all network, security and computer systems to meet the organisation’s current and future requirements.
    • Be responsible for the management, maintenance and architecture of storage, virtualised environment, servers, and productivity tools.
    • Monitor systems and identify performance issues proactively.
    • Test all changes to hardware, software, and hosted applications.
    • Cater to doing infrastructure coordination related to design and setup activities at different stages of a project.
    • Resolve issues and prepare status reviews and reports
    • Maintain the necessary project plans and documentation of all system builds and modifications.
    • Maintain a good knowledge of current infrastructure and future trends.
    • Communicate with vendors as may be required for installation, configuration and technical support.
    • Plan, design, implement, and continuously improve disaster recovery procedures for Sidmach customers.
    • Maintain accountability for the assigned firm and/or vendor equipment.


    • Excellent knowledge of Server Operating System
    • Knowledge of backup and disaster recovery
    • Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft failover, Cluster, DNS, update services
    • Knowledge of storage hardware (DAS, NAS, and SAN).
    • Knowledge of computers hardware (Servers, Desktop, and Thin client
    • Knowledge of basic functionalities of printers
    • Security as it relates to cloud-based infrastructure
    • Working knowledge of virtualization technology


    • Basic networking skills
    • Systems management
    • Good analytical skills
    • Strong oral and written communication skills
    • Ability to gather relevant information systematically to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
    • Good attention to detail, testing and documentation.
    • Good organisational and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to accurately follow documented procedures.
    • Aptitude to learn new technologies as they are incorporated into the system


    • A minimum of 2 – 5 years experience
    • A minimum of a B.SC. / HND in a Computer Science /Engineering, Physics, Electronics.
    • A minimum Certification of Microsoft System engineer.

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