Financial Solutions

Mobile Insure: This solution offers protection, security and guarantee for smartphones against theft, loss and damage through flexible insurance packages that offers topmost value to end users. Mobile Insure is a retail insurance solution that guarantees assurance for your precious mobile get relief after damage and assurance for value. With Mobile Insure, you are promised a prompt response in the case of an unfortunate incidence. Learn More

SME Bundle: This solution converges critical business tools and processes for small and medium businesses, helping them automate, save time and cost whilst optimizing productivity.

SAOS: This technology enhances the digitization of handwritten and manual procedures in financial institutions; to aid faster processing, easy referencing and storage of critical information.

HCMS: A management software that manages all aspects of human capital resource in an organization.  Offering an end-to-end management of the employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement, the solution helps organizations optimize human resource and derive maximum value from their workforce.  Learn More