Exam Buddy

Exam Buddy (eBuddy) is a solution that helps students prepare for examinations better through artificial intelligence and systemized data analysis. This groundbreaking solution comes as a handy tool for preparing Senior Secondary School students for their school leaving certificate examinations. It helps the students beat exam phobia and equips them for better performance.

Combining personalized learning with predictive analytics, as well as other performance enhancing features, Performance Compass makes the ideal digital guide for every student aiming for success in examinations.

With this solution, students can test their readiness for exams with the self-assessment feature and use the predictive tool to understand how they are likely to perform in each subject. Furthermore, the solution offers them career advice through intelligence gleaned from analysis of their general performance on the platform.

Also packed with engagement features, this solution improves parent-student engagement as well as student-to-student collaboration through an interactive community, which helps the students connect and find answers to certain questions, ultimately boosting their confidence ahead of the examinations.

Exam Buddy also offers value other important education stakeholders like Schools, Study Centers, Examination Bodies and other Education Planners & Administrators; offering important data that helps them help prepare students better and create better education systems.

Developed with cloud technology, the solution is offered in a complete environment. It also comes with an eye-catching and easily navigable interface

Performance Compass provides every student with the right technology in the right environment to ensure top performance!



Exam Buddy offers a complete solution that reduces examination failure by 75% and ensures parents, schools, as well as other stakeholders, take active part in ensuring a much academic success rate for students. Performance Compass offers a distinct path to distinction in examination for students!



  • Self-Assessment & Result Checker
  • Career Advisor
  • Community Study & Student Chat Rooms
  • Classmate Finder
  • School Rating
  • Chief Examiner’s Report
  • Examination Calendar
  • Study Progress Tracking
  • Data & Analytics



  • Enhanced preparation for examinations
  • Much improved examination performance for students
  • Valuable insight for career planning
  • Better parent-student engagement and collaboration
  • Access to community study
  • Improved school ratings and visibility
  • Rich insight for education planning and support.


For more information and implementation of this solution, please contact marketing@sidmach.com