The Sidmach Partnership Program will help individuals and businesses collaborate with us to reach wider markets for their business, expand their horizon, conquer new market territories and generate more income.


As a Sidmach partner, you get to enjoy these benefits;

  • Pre-Sales and Sales Support
  • Tools for marketing
  • Training
  • Access to Sidmach Marketing Events & Conferences
  • Dedicated Accounts
  • Individual Senior Marketing Support and Mentoring

Type of


This partnership model affords you the opportunity to become a part of the Sidmach Sales Team, getting involved in our well-drilled sales strategy and actively participating in direct interface with customers. As a co-seller, you are a full team member and you enjoy an up-close and personal relationship with members of our amazing sales force.


As a resell partner, you buy from Sidmach and sell at your marked up price to customers to make profit. This partnership model gives you complete autonomy and you independently run your business as you desire whilst enjoying all necessary sales support from the Sidmach Team. The power to make profit is totally in your hands!


Under this model, you are the boss calling the shots. Our referral partners simply serve as connectors, doing the job of recognising and initiating business opportunities in the market and then connecting the Sidmach sales force to see it to a positive conclusion. In simple terms, you start the conversation, we close the deal!

Partners within the program can work with us on the following levels;

  • GOLD

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