How to apply for JAMB Regularization

How to apply for JAMB Regularization in few simple steps.

Many students have gained admission into Universities, Polytechnics, and other tertiary institutions but their admission status is not recognized on the JAMB website. Such students usually experience complications in their final year. Others have issues when it’s time to be mobilized for National Youth Service commonly known as NYSC. If you are such a student, […]

how to reset your jamb password via email, sms or support

How to reset your jamb password

To gain access to your JAMB profile, you need your password. Your JAMB profile is useful for many reasons. For example, when you are offered admission into the university, you are required to log in to your JAMB profile to accept or reject the admission offer. It’s also where you go to update your details […]

Impact of Data Analytics on SMEs

Data analytics is starting to shape how entrepreneurs carry out their business operations as almost every economic activity is becoming digitized. Small and medium-scale enterprises can now become more productive, efficient and rake in huge profits due to the use of data analytics.

3 Ways to Boost Your Online Presence

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