Education Management Information System (EMIS)

Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a web portal which provides information to key stakeholders in the education sector, helping them with important data needed to improve education at all levels.

The information portal is designed to facilitate easy access to accurate, relevant and up-to-date information, which drives faster implementation of policies to create an adequate education system.

EMIS functionalities allows for relevant short and long term planning, based on meaningful data. The portal aggregates and analyses data to help spot problems quickly within the system, putting relevant stakeholders ahead of issues that may arise.

Administrators within the education sector will settle comfortable on the platform with its simple, easy-to-understand interface and features that adequately equips them for precise human and resource planning, school mapping, and important analytics for quality decision making.

With EMIS, it’s no longer education as usual; accurate data feeds quality planning which leads to outstanding education systems.



  1. Data Capturing Portal tool (for students, teachers, examination, tools and resource data)
  2. Reports Dashboard.
  3. Data Management Gateway.
  4. Executive Dashboards for (Monitoring and Evaluation).
  5. Online Module (for schools’ access).
  6. Data Sharing.



  1. Provision of quality information to decision-makers.
  2. Quick identification of important issues to be addressed.
  3. Supports policy planning.
  4. Provision of insight towards sector management.
  5. Supply of general information for research and other government purposes.


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