EDUSTAT- Educational Data Analytics Platform By WAEC

Introducing EDUSTAT By WAEC.

Leveraging its over 40 million tested candidates, WAEC introduced a reliable data analytics platform (EDUSTAT) that offers rich and unique intelligent statistical insights into education and assessment in West Africa using historical and current data to provide detailed intelligence for stakeholders across the globe in an elegant and easily accessible manner.

WAEC EDUSTAT is a reliable platform that democratizes access to educational insights for stakeholders by collecting quality data from multiple sources, integrated with analytics tools to help organizations derive new insights.

WAEC EDUSTAT offers a variety of rich, interactive educational assessment statistics and insights in graphs, summaries, tables, and interactive dashboards for intelligence, research, and informed decision-making in just a few clicks. EDUSTAT also offers educational analysis, data visualization and analysis tools, and reliable educational assessment data to help you make informed decisions.

Users of WAEC EDUSTAT can quickly go to the portal, sign up, select parameters, select their preferred method of report generation (Summaries, Charts, Maps, Trends), make payments, and download and use downloaded content for personal use.

What are the benefits of EDUSTAT by WAEC?

  • Users can pay for only the report they require.
  • Users can pay for each report generated per period.
  • Users can access and interact with all dashboard functions.
  • Users can have access to the graph optimization guide.
  • Comprehensive report summary.
  • Quick and timely notification on EDUSTAT data updates via email and notification bar.
  • Access to interactive web report.
  • A dedicated EDUSTAT support center.
  • Customized report based on data you want to see.
  • Download the report as a PDF.
  • Download the report as an image.
  • Anytime, anywhere access (Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, or Android phone).
  • View report history.
  • Save and redownload existing reports.

…………. Read more on waec.edustat.ng

The EDUSTAT by WAEC Platform is available online via waec.edustat.ng or by visiting WAEC’s website

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