How to buy WAEC Result Verification Pin Online.

How to buy WAEC Result Verification Pin Online.


If you have been searching online for how to verify your WAEC result, then you have come to the right source. In this article, you will be getting the step-by-step process on how to buy WAEC Result Verification Pin online. You will also get other important details you need to verify your WAEC result online.

Verifying the authenticity of an important credential as the WAEC result is a headache for many employers and higher institutions of learning who require such to make important employment or admission decisions. Many fake sites are out there that provide conflicting information that is different from what is in the WAEC database. That’s why you must start by learning about the authentic source to buy the WAEC Result Verification Pin online.

We have seen cases of students with fake results, impersonation, and other serious issues that were only detected because the main WAEC verification portal was used.

When you come to Sidmach Technologies, you can rest assured that you will be getting authentic information about WAEC result verification process and other processes from us. We are long-standing partners of the leading examination body in West Africa.

What is the WAEC Result Verification Pin?

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Result Verification pin is an online solution equipped for Individuals, universities, colleges of educations, polytechnics, and organizations including (Embassies and the NYSC scheme) to solely verify and validate relevant candidate information such as date of birth and WAEC results.

WAEC as an examination body currently holds personal physical records of candidates stretching back to the late 1950s. As a means to facilitate simple retrieval of data, the educational body introduced a digitally secure way, which is the “Results verification pin”.

With this pin, organizations or institutions, and individuals can easily request records like date of birth, O’level grades, passport photograph for identity purposes to validate information at any time and from any given location.

For authenticity purposes, WAEC currently only allows individuals to purchase a Results verification Pin with a single subscription value while organizations/institutions can purchase the verification pin in bulk to cover multiple uses.

In the following simple steps, learn how to easily buy a WAEC result verification pin to confirm personal data as an individual or an institution.

How to buy WAEC Result Verification as an individual.

  • Using any browser, click on the following link- https://waeconline.org.ng/verify.beta/BuyPIN
  • Input your Surname, first name, email address, and payment type – “Pay with Interswitch” (Please ensure to provide the correct information).
  • Click on the “I agree to all information” and “Buy Pin” buttons respectively
  • Thereafter, visit the link below to verify your result on the WAEC portal:
  • https://waeconline.org.ng/verify.beta#howitworks
  • Input your Reference PIN, Exam Type, Exam Year, Exam Number and click on Verify Now.

How to buy WAEC Result Verification Pin as an Institution/Organization:

  • If you are an existing user, login with your username and password, if not click on the “here to register” button
  • On the Institution registration page, input the requested information – Institution name, Institution address, Administrator first name, surname, other names and a phone number.
  • Create an administrator username and a “secure” password
  • Select a secret question and type in an answer to reset a forgotten password (If the situation arises)
  • Enter your Institution’s email address.
  • Select a payment type (Interswitch payment or Bank reference pin)
  • Type in the total amount
  • Click on the “I agree to all information” and “Create account” buttons respectively

The results verification pin costs N1500 and is valid for use five (5) times. For any issues regarding verification pin purchases, please send an email containing your payment tracking ID number. You can also send your complaint to corporate@sidmach.com or the official WAEC help chat box on https://waeconline.org.ng/verify.beta

Do you have other issues related to WAEC you would like us to solve? Please, send us an email at digital@sidmach.com or click here.

A brief history of WAEC.

Established in 1952, the vision of the West African Examinations Council is to be a world-class examining body, adding value to the educational goals of its stakeholders.

The West African Examinations Council is West Africa’s foremost examining board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally.

By this mandate, the Council is expected to:

  • Assist in the development of sound education
  • Ensure that educational standards are maintained
  • Give the people of West Africa a vision of the great potentials which lie beyond examinations.

WAEC’s vision is to be a world-class examining body, adding value to the educational goals of its stakeholders. The mission is to remain Africa’s foremost examining body, providing qualitative and reliable educational assessment, encouraging academic and moral excellence and promoting sustainable human resource development and international co-operation.

The body’s core values are:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork.
  • Innovativeness

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